“I am a Kindergarten teacher who returned to work after staying home with my son for 18 months.  In my search for high quality care for my child I discovered Kinder Kollege McConachie, and my son has been with them since August. 

As an educator of little people I believe in the importance of child development and I was thrilled and excited to find Kinder Kollege.  I was so impressed with Nadia and her vision and commitment to high quality childcare, and more importantly the emphasis on child development. 

Anyone can take care of a child’s basic needs such as feeding them etc. but Nadia and her staff are truly, and whole-heartedly committed to the development of children.  The love and respect given to the children has made me so happy.  I was very confident to leave my child in their care and I can see that he is truly loved and cared for to highest level.  The growth I have seen in my child is definitely due in part to the care he receives at Kinder Kollege. 

I am constantly impressed with the happiness of the children and staff that I see each day plus Nadia is the utmost professional while also being extremely personable.  I am also impressed with the events the daycare has put on since my son started, we attended a family event which was so much fun and I was lucky enough to attend a “Talent Show” presented by the Out of School Care Children.  I truly enjoyed those performances and was impressed that the kids were the ones who developed it under the guidance of staff.  Kinder Kollege prompts children into thinking critically and creatively as well as providing opportunities for discovery.  In a day and age of technology being so readily accessible, it is a wonderful thing to see so much emphasis on discovery!

The planning that goes into each day’s activities is definitely well thought out with a goal in mind.  I am so pleased with the activities I see around the Daycare, for all ages.  I truly enjoy seeing all the displays of children’s work and truthfully I am inspired for activities in my own classroom.  It is exciting to see how all kids are enriched, and as a teacher I know that the experiences these children have at Kinder Kollege will enable them to have a strong skill set to build their knowledge on when they enter school. 

Kinder Kollege has really impressed me, from the physical space and layout of the facility to the menu, the constant communication to the families, the staff, and of the utmost importance - the development and happiness I see in my son.  I feel so proud that my son is going to Kinder Kollege; as I confidently feel I have chosen the best place for him to be while I am at work.  I truly feel blessed to have discovered Kinder Kollege and I would recommend it to anyone seeking loving, quality care for his or her children.” 


Chantelle Stabbler (April 05, 2017)


“We are very happy to have Kinder Kollege in our neighborhood and really appreciate the level of care our son receives from Nadia, Myra, Pushpa, and everyone at Kinder Kollege.

When we drop our son off in the morning he is greeted with such enthusiasm, that you can see how much the staff enjoy their jobs and working with children. When we pick him up after work, they are always readily available to tell us how his day went, what he enjoyed, and what he might have struggled with. Kinder Kollege provides a personal daily activity book that lets us know what toys he played with or activity he completes. The books also let us know how long he napped and how much food he ate during the day.

Every month Kinder Kollege sends out a newsletter detailing the monthly menu and the activities happening at the daycare. Nadia organizes wonderful events for the various holidays and we love how she encourages celebrating different cultures. Kinder Kollege also holds great family friendly functions, where parents can get to know the staff and other parents. You can really see that Nadia isn’t just building a daycare, but a community.

We are so grateful for Nadia, Myra, Pushpa, and all the ladies at Kinder Kollege. It has been such a relief to find a daycare that is so attentive to our child, keeps us informed of his development, and encourages a sense of community."

Kind regards,

Robert and Jennifer Belland (April 05, 2017)


"The level of care provided by Nadia Mahmood is exceptional.  Not only is my son safe and cared for, but she provides a level of Early Childhood programming that is exceptional.  It is evident everyday that the development of the whole child is of the up most importance.  My son has acquired tremendous language skills and and is challenged everyday through inquiry and discovery of his surroundings. She certainly is one of the best. I appreciated Nadia's dedication for children."

Melissa DeStefanis-King


"Our son started with Nadia when he was 14 months old, and our family has loved having her as our child care provider. Our son consistently asks if he can go to Nadia's house. His language has exploded since being with Nadia, he is outgoing, social, and loves other children, and I feel that Nadia has really helped develop this.  Our son comes home weekly with crafts, and talks about the variety of activities they do. Nadia is extremely reliable, and trustworthy. We are so happy to have found Nadia's day home, and wish her all the best with her day care. Her new families will be lucky to have her."

Lindsay Gustavsson


"Our boys were cared for and loved by Nadia for the past 1.5 years. Nadia put a lot of time, thought and effort into ensuring that days with her were always filled with unique crafts, experiments and lots of fun. At the end of each day our boys were very excited to tell us about all of the things they learned and the exciting adventures they had. As parents we were very comforted to know that our children were being cared for by someone who made them feel really special and loved them for who they are. We will be forever grateful to Nadia."

Colin & Mala

More About Us


At Kinder Kollege our mission is to provide a safe, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children.  We are committed to offering the highest quality childcare in a welcoming and playful environment that encourages individual development while being respectful of others.


  • To provide a nurturing environment
  • To provide convenient, safe and dependable childcare services in a healthy, positive and relaxed environment
  • To create a childcare setting encouraging social, mental and physical development
  • To remain at the forefront of early childhood education while relying on the well-trained, happy and competent care of our staff.
  • To meet the needs of each child while embracing the diversity of cultures and children that are part of Kinder Kollege.
  • To provide a preschool program that prepares the children for a lifetime of learning
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