7.00 AM

DaycareOpens/ Free Play/Cereal with milk

8.45 AM

Morning Snacks

9.00 AM

Circle Time/Craft

10.00 AM

Free Play/Outside

11.30 AM

Lunch Time

12.00 PM


12.30 PM

Nap Time

2.30 PM

Wake up time/free play activity

3.00 PM

Afternoon Snacks

3.00 PM

Outside/Free Play

5.30 PM

Daycare closes

More About Us


At Kinder Kollege our mission is to provide a safe, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children.  We are committed to offering the highest quality childcare in a welcoming and playful environment that encourages individual development while being respectful of others.


  • To provide a nurturing environment
  • To provide convenient, safe and dependable childcare services in a healthy, positive and relaxed environment
  • To create a childcare setting encouraging social, mental and physical development
  • To remain at the forefront of early childhood education while relying on the well-trained, happy and competent care of our staff.
  • To meet the needs of each child while embracing the diversity of cultures and children that are part of Kinder Kollege.
  • To provide a preschool program that prepares the children for a lifetime of learning
We care about your dearest