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Research reveals that the children most at risk for reading difficulties in the primary grades are those who began school with less verbal skills, less phonological awareness, less letter knowledge and less familiarity with basic purposes and mechanisms of reading (Burns, Griffin & snow, 1999).

Soft and colorful picture books grasp the attention of infants. This is the best time to develop their interest. Reading books with different sound effects and body movements or puppets are also helpful. Since infants willingly do tasks that they see others doing around them, they will be more inclined to start movement and participate in the activities of that environment. Nursery rhymes play an important role with music and movement. Different activities such a s fishing numbers in water, matching pictures, naming body parts, and weighing activities could be helpful for learning difficulties in early years.

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At Kinder Kollege our mission is to provide a safe, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children.  We are committed to offering the highest quality childcare in a welcoming and playful environment that encourages individual development while being respectful of others.


  • To provide a nurturing environment
  • To provide convenient, safe and dependable childcare services in a healthy, positive and relaxed environment
  • To create a childcare setting encouraging social, mental and physical development
  • To remain at the forefront of early childhood education while relying on the well-trained, happy and competent care of our staff.
  • To meet the needs of each child while embracing the diversity of cultures and children that are part of Kinder Kollege.
  • To provide a preschool program that prepares the children for a lifetime of learning
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